“Social Media and Internet Addiction: The Quest for Identity In a Virtual World”
From March 11th, 2014
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During the formative teenage year, youths are searching for their identity and worth amongst their peers and in the world. With the recent rise of internet and social media, for the first time, today’s teens have the opportunity to tailor make their identity with their on-line presence. The problem our teens face today is the futile quest to create the perfect on-line presence and the resulting
fake identity. How can parents raise their children’s awareness of the pitfalls and not be seduced by the iY culture, but become wise managers of these resources?

Pastor Tim Tang has been serving as the English Pastor at East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church for over 10 years. He has been involved with worship ministry, leadership training ministry and mentorship. He completed his M.Div. in youth and family ministry. He is currently pursuing Doctor of Ministry of Leadership. As a Canadian Born Chinese, Pastor Tim is passionate about bridging the gap between Asian youths and their parents.