“e世代父母: 解開教養兒女之鑰 Parenting in the Digital Age”
From February 28th, 2018
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講員: 吳李玉梅女仕
Speaker: Mrs. Merrin Ng


我們活在數碼的時代。無論是家庭器具、娱樂新聞、代步車子、網上購物、人際溝通等等,離開不了電子數碼。孩子的世界更是。人際交往、媒體娱樂、學校教育、主流文化。全牽連在一起,教育着我们的孩子。作為父母的我們,如何把握這個契機,來養育我們的孩子呢? 就著這有趣且重要的题目, 本講座會給我們帶來亮光及實際的指引。

We live in a Digital Age. Whether it be household appliances or gadgets, news and entertainment, cars and transportation, on-line shopping or social relationships, we cannot do without the digital influence.
All the more is our kid’s world: social media, entertainment media, schooling, mainstream culture….all intertwined in the digital world, but “parenting” our kids everyday. As parents, how do we seize this opportune time to parent our own kids? On this interesting yet very important topic, the workshop will shed some light and guide us with very practical advice.